The Great British Bake Off: S6 Episode 10 – The Final!


In last night’s finale episode, all that stood between Tamal, Nadiya or Ian and Bake Off victory were iced buns, millefeuille and a British cake of at least three tiers… What could go wrong? The By Book or By Cook team round up the biggest night of TV this year.
(Warning: spoilers everywhere!)


Hooray hooray hooray: Nadiya was a worthy, gracious and inspiring winner. I challenge anyone to say that they didn’t wipe a few tears from their eyes at the unbridled joy of Nadiya and her family when her name was announced. Even Mary – not exactly the most emotive judge – was moved. What made the victory all the more sweet was the way Nadiya so evidently bossed the final, with innovative iced buns, a top notch technical and a stunning “big fat British wedding” cake decorated with red white and blue sari fabric. Somewhere deep inside the bowls of the Daily Mail their “british-ometer” exploded. Tamal and Ian certainly did not disgrace themselves, especially with their final showstoppers, but Nadiya was unstoppable. Her confidence grew episode by episode so that, by the final, you could see her determination and focus outstripped those of her competitors.

Bravo Nadiya! Can’t wait to see what you do in the future. Wednesdays are now going to be so boring…




And so that inevitable day has come when Bake Off is over and we have to wait a whole year for our next fix. But what a final! What a happy, feel-good hour of televisual viewing with exactly the right outcome. Was there a dry eye in the house? There wasn’t in mine. Even my husband, who (while secretly loving Bake Off) remains faintly sceptical about a program about baking cakes, looked a little teary at the end there. Mary’s choked-up last words and her brave little lip quiver were almost too much for me. I loved the Berry before, but now she is my all-time favourite person on TV. Ever. And Nadiya! I’m going to miss her horrified face, humour in the face of disaster and stupendous, somewhat whacky creations! She’s been a star and was the clear winner from the off last night. That said, all three of the showstoppers were incredible. Tamal’s crazy ancient Chinese village classic British cake was probably my favourite. It looked completely insane and slightly terrifying. Bye, Bake Off! It’s been a blast.


Louisa: What an emotional roller coaster! It was brilliant to watch Nadiya grow in confidence across the series and last night she was a worthy winner. Her total inability to accept she had won made me love her even more and even the unflappable Mary Berry seemed choked up. And very excitingly, her victory means I have won the office sweepstake. Hoorah! Cakes for all on me!

BUT also… how could Ian forget an ingredient… TWICE… In the FINAL!!!! How the mighty have fallen!

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