Davina's Sugar-free in a Hurry

Why 2017 should be the year you go sugar-free

We’ve all heard that sugar is the enemy. Going refined sugar-free is a brilliant resolution for 2017 – and Davina’s here to help!

Her brand new cookbook, Davina’s Sugar-free in a Hurry is packed with tasty refined sugar-free recipes that get great meals on the table – fast. From quick suppers to indulgent weekend specials, guilt-free snacks to fabulous cakes and puddings, the recipes are all free from refined sugar so keep blood sugar in balance – no sugar cravings! They use smart carbs that help you stay healthy, look great and keep you feeling fuller longer.

Great reasons to cut down on refined and processed foods:

  • Helps you look younger and feel better – it just does!
  • Helps build a strong body and maintain health.
  • Helps you deal with stress and prevents energy dips.
  • Helps you sleep properly and perform well the next day. If you don’t sleep well you’re more likely to crave junk food and get overweight.

Davina says, ‘Sugar is the big concern. The latest guidelines from the World Health Organisation say that our intake of free sugars (that means added sugars, not the natural sugar in foods such as fruit and milk) should be under ten per cent of our total calorie intake. Ideally it should be below five per cent – or about six teaspoons a day. And don’t forget that includes the sugar in foods such as chutneys, jams and sauces.

Avoid refined white sugar and when you do bake a sweet treat, use honey or dried fruit instead. Sweeten cakes with naturally sweet vegetables such as carrots and beetroot. This might sound odd at first, but they taste amazing – try the courgette cake or the carrot, apple and walnut cupcakes in the ‘Sweet Things’ chapter of my new book. You’ll find that the less sugar you have the less you will crave.’

More tips to help you avoid refined sugar:

  • Check labels – watch out for foods that say they are ‘sugar free’ but contain artificial sweeteners. And look out for ‘low-fat’ foods, such as fruity yoghurts, that often contain lots of sugar.
  • Stop eating savoury foods that contain sugar – such as ready-made sauces, canned soups and ketchup.
  • Check the sugar content of some of the ‘healthy’ snacks such as energy bars. You’ll be surprised at how much many contain. Make your own snacks instead – there are lots of delicious recipe options in Davina’s Sugar-free in a Hurry.
  • When you feel like something sweet, try having a drink of water or a herbal tea first. Often when you think you’re hungry and want a snack you are actually just dehydrated. Once you’ve quenched your thirst the sweet craving may go away.
  • If you still feel like something sweet, try having a small handful of nuts instead. They should sustain you and take away your desire for a sugar fix.

Sugar-free is the fast way to feel fab in 2017!
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Davina’s Sugar-free in a Hurry by Davina McCall is out now in paperback, RRP £16.99

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