ISBN: 9780297865162


This cookbook is bursting with delicious recipes, ground-breaking ideas and innovations, tips and techniques to help you revolutionise the way you freeze.

Justine Pattison

Highly regarded food writer and consultant Justine Pattison shows you how to prepare and heat a range of fabulously tasty dishes with minimal effort. Featuring all the family favourites – from Fabulous Freezer Fish Pie to Best-ever Freeze Ahead Lasagne, Classic Chicken Curry and Mum’s Toad in the Hole – as well as exciting ideas for picnics, canapés, sweet treats and deserts, FREEZE will take the stress out of cooking for any occasion.

Packed with countless innovative freezer tips such as the revolutionary flat freeze and quick strip techniques, as well as ways to defrost and reheat leftovers to ensure foolproof and tasty results every time.  With advice on buying and preparing food for yourself and your family, it will save you money as well as time!

Recipes from this book

Chicken in Creamy Tarragon Sauce »