Review of the Year: Part One


Once again the intrepid BBoBC team have rounded up their culinary highs of 2015.

Best meal this year

Mark M: Oldroyd (for my birthday!) or Trullo at Highbury for my girlfriend’s birthday

Tamsin: A trip to Trullo was a treat, the beef shin ragu melts in the mouth.

Trullo restaurant

Amanda: For me, it’s a tie between Stanley Tucci’s Duck Soup take over and eating melt-in-the-mouth fatty tuna with the Hairy Bikers at Nobu. My highlight dish (not meal) was Nuno Mendes and his brilliant – inspired – tempura broad beans in clam broth. So different to anything I’ve eaten before. Delicate, fresh and a reinvention of an ingredient.

Alice: Spring: fresh delicious cooking in a beautiful setting. And our brilliant night with Stanley Tucci at La Fromagerie is a close second. Oh, and eating the food as it came straight off the Saturday Kitchen set was pretty amazing too!

Tucci Table wine

Mark R: Lunch with friends at The Portland – delicious food and four bottles of wine. Sunday lunch with my kids at The Anchor and Hope – ‘They’ve got brains on the menu, let’s have them’. Makes me so proud.

Favourite cookbook of the year

Mark R: Truthfully, I haven’t been that impressed by any book this year. Quite like Rick Stein From Venice to Istanbul. Actually cooked from it. From our list Our Korean Kitchen.

Our Korean Kitchen Jacket

Tamsin: Outside of Orion’s fantastic offering, The Cornershop Cookbook by Sophie Missing and Caroline Craig is a gem of practicality, and Diana Henry’s A Bird in the Hand gives inspiration for an everyday ingredient.

Mark M: Apart from The Tucci Table (which we published), The Nordic Cookbook.

The Tucci Table

Amanda: I can’t choose between the beautiful books I publish.

Alice: Egg by Blanche Vaughan  and Get the Glow by Madeleine Shaw are my in-house favourites . Outside of our amazing list, I’ve cooked most from Diana Henry’s A Bird in the Hand.

Egg JacketGet the Glow Madeleine Shaw

Restaurant photos taken from www.springrestaurant.co.uk and trullorestaurant.com.


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