Recipes from Beat the Bloat


Expert health-food writer Claire Young has drawn on the latest scientific research to create recipes that balance your digestive system and achieve permanent weight loss.  In her new book Beat the Bloat Claire reveals the importance of maintaining a healthy gut,  because with a healthy, balanced digestive system you will store less fat, banish cravings and absorb fewer calories from food.

The book is packed with information on the best foods to eat, what to cut out, exercise and tips to beat the bloat for good. The book also contains 100 fresh, wholesome, and above all delicious recipes containing healthy fats, lean proteins and live cultures that restore the bacteria in your gut. And we’ve got 3 recipes to get you started!

These Hot Chilli Prawns are as ridiculously simple as they are ridiculously delicious. They go perfectly with courgette spaghetti.

Hot Chilli Prawns

Falafel are a fantastic easy high-protein, high-fibre option for family meals. This recipe for Mini Falafel Burgers takes just 5 minutes to prepare and 5 minutes to cook! Just add a salad and you’ve got great supper.

Mini Falafel Burgers

Amazingly this decadent Chocolate Hazelnut Torte (main pic) is just 425 calories a portion – perfect for a delicious treat!

Beat the Bloat Jacket

Check out Claire’s website for more recipe ideas and healthy eating features.

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