200g strawberries 64 cals
zest and juice of ½ medium orange 20 cals
60ml hot water
½ sachet of gelatine 5–10 cals
125ml light reduced-fat evaporated milk 135 cals
½ tsp vanilla extract 2–5 cals
2 tsp honey (optional) 40 cals

Whipped Vanilla Mousse with Red Fruit Ripple


This is light as air, with a delicious fruity flavour and it looks so pretty in martini or liqueur glasses. I actually prefer it without the honey, but it’s lovely either way. See under main recipe for a vegetarian version without gelatine.

Preparation time: 15 minutes
Chilling time: 2 hours

1. Purée half the strawberries with the juice of the orange in a food processor or blender. Slice the remaining half of the strawberries, reserving 4 perfect berries. Mix the sliced and puréed strawberries with half the orange zest. Add to the bottom of four glasses or serving dishes.

2. Measure out 60ml of freshly boiled water into a bowl. Whisk in the gelatine powder and set aside. Stir together the milk, vanilla extract and 1 teaspoon honey, if using, in a bowl. Taste and add second teaspoon if required (or you can drizzle the honey over before serving). Add the gelatine and water, then whisk together till light and airy and roughly double the volume (this takes around 2 minutes with an electric whisk).

3. Spoon the mousse on top of the fruit and carefully ‘ripple’ the fruit through the mix by stirring through the mousse with a spoon. Chill for at least 2 hours.

4. Before serving, slice the reserved strawberries without cutting through the hulls, and ‘fan’ out one on top of each serving.

Vegetarian version
Vegetarian setting/gelling agents like agar-agar aren’t suitable for this recipe, because most require a mixture to be brought to boiling point. Instead, you can simply make the fruit mix as suggested, and place in the bottom of serving dishes. Then, just before serving, whisk the milk, vanilla and honey (if using) together: you don’t need the water. Spoon gently over the top of the fruit: it won’t set firm but has a fab frothy texture that is just as delicious.

More ideas from the 5:2 Kitchen
If you can’t find the light evaporated milk, try using 70ml normal evaporated milk plus water to make it up to 125ml. This recipe is a great base for other flavours, like coffee or chocolate.