4 borage leaves or the peel from a 4cm piece of cucumber or 4 salad burnet sprigs
150ml Curacao, Triple sec or Cointreau
750ml Champagne, chilled
750ml soda water, chilled

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Champagne Cup


This light cocktail will help launch a party elegantly, and is low enough in alcohol to be enjoyed without reproach. Mrs Beeton used borage leaves to scent the cocktail base, but you can substitute cucumber skin or salad burnet, which have a similar flavour.

*Makes 1.65 litres or 12 servings

*Preparation time 5 minutes plus 2 hour steeping

Bruise the borage leaves, salad burnet or cucumber by rubbing them between your fingers for a few seconds, then place in the jar. Pour in the Curaçao, and cover.

After a minimum of 2 hours strain the infused Curaçao through muslin into a jug.

To serve, pour a dessertspoonful into the bottom of each glass, half fill each glass with Champagne, and top up with soda water.