Summer Debuts

Our fab four summer debuts!


Kate Doran was named one of the UK’s top food bloggers by the Sunday Times magazine and in Homemade Memories, her debut cookbook, she brings to life the favourite recipes and memories that have made her blog The Little Loaf so popular.


Childhood treats get a homemade, grown-up twist in an irresistible collection including over 80 brand new recipes plus a handful of favourites from the blog. Think chocolate hazelnut caterpillar cake, homemade cornettos, peach melba baked Alaska and real bourbon biscuits. From comfort classics to midnight feasts, here you’ll find old classics reinvented by a skilful, stylish cook, illustrated with beautiful photography throughout.

Homemade Memories: Childhood Treats with a Twist by Kate Doran is published on 4 June 2015 in hardback and eBook.


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Amy and Julie Zhang (aka the Dumpling Sisters) were described by Jamie Oliver as “super cute, they know how to cook and they’ve got good flavours going on.”

And it’s not only Jamie who’s impressed as they have been entertaining and educating thousands of followers on YouTube with their recipes for deliciously easy homemade Chinese food.

The Dumpling Sisters Cookbook brings you more of the recipes and advice that those fans have been clamouring for.

Dedicated to, and destined to be adored by every Chinese food lover, this book is full of Chinese-food favourites, impressive sharing dishes and even sweet treats that have been little acknowledged in a western understanding of Chinese food – until now. This is Chinese home cooking at its best.

The Dumpling Sisters Cookbook: Over 100 Favourite Recipes From A Chinese Family Kitchen is published on 11 June 2015 in hardback and eBook.



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Let There Be Meat is the must-have companion for anyone interested in the art of BBQ; wood-smokes slow-cooked pork and beef, pulled pork, burgers, ribs, steaks and all the mouth-watering condiments that go with them.

James Douglas and Scott Munro provide their unique insight into the American BBQ culture, gleaned from seven years travel and hard study in the USA, coupled with their experice of creating and running the super successful chain of Red’s Barbecue restaurants. The book is packed with instructions on how to get the most from your meat, from matching drinks to dining to how to fashion a home wood-smoke oven from just a foil takeaway carton.

Let There Be Meat by James Douglas & Scott Munro is published on 18 June 2015 in hardback and eBook.



Rob Allison 3

Rob Allison’s debut cookbook is a collection of homemade and mouth-watering recipes inspired by Britain’s favourite takeaways and the author uses his wealth of experience in the food industry to create mouth-watering and flavoursome food for any occasion.

Homemade Takeaways injects the nation’s favourite takeaways with new inspiration by recreating them using fresh produce and proper cooking methods.

This is by no means a health book or a diet book, but by simply being able to control the quality of ingredients you use to cook the recipes, this book will make infinitely healthier food than you will find in any takeaway.

Homemade Takeaways: How to Make Your Favourite Takeaway . . . But Better by Rob Allison is published on 2 July 2015 in hardback and eBook.

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