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Nina Parker’s publication diary: Life outside writing a cookbook

Nina Parker

Life outside writing a cookbook

Life outside of Nina St Tropez consisted of doing supper clubs for vegans, lavish dinner parties for private clients and taking my 70’s Citroën ice cream van to weddings and parties.

Dairy Art Centre Event

I wrote the bulk of the book over five months, and keeping to publisher deadlines while catering on the side was at times a bit tricky, especially when driving my trusty old van up and down the M4 at 40mph!

I run a small catering business called ‘NINA, A Food Company’, and last year I was lucky enough to fit in some really great events with my van. One job was working at The Dairy Art Centre, which is a new art gallery by the “Saatchi of the North”, otherwise known as Frank Cohen. Damien Hirst, Antony Gormley, and other members of the art world all came to sample my ice cream and giant meringues at the opening night. The guests were surrounded by modern art displayed in an old converted dairy factory, which was the perfect theme for ice cream.


Whenever my van was sitting in the driveway all covered up, I tended to be catering for picnics, weddings and parties which is the other half of my business, ‘NINA, Parties’. Amongst all the dinner parties there is something called the ‘Secret Yoga Club’, for which I am now a regular chef. It is a yoga class hosted by my friend Gabby with live music, followed by a three-course vegan extravaganza. The venues differ every time and it’s a chance for a non-vegan like myself to do something utterly delicious with vegetables, and a load of nuts. All of these events and parties have been a great way to get my name out there and get people talking about my food, brand and, most of all, Nina St Tropez.

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