What have you given up for Lent?


Whether you are a follower of the Christian calendar or not, Lent is a great time to pledge to do something to benefit your health. Plus, by this time of year, we’ve been off the wagon long enough (since the end of January anyway) that it might just be time to crawl back on it for a bit of respite. Here at By Book or by Cook, we usually give up one of our guiltier pleasures. Junk food, sugar, coffee, red meat or maybe even booze.  Personally, I’ve pledged to drink more water throughout the day. That’s got to be good for me (definitely better than one glass and two cups of tea, which is what I survived on each day until now). Hopefully it’s a pledge that will stick beyond Easter Sunday too.

If you’re looking to be a little more, well, restrained during Lent, we have a few great recipes which will be perfectly in keeping (and, if you’re following the Lenten tradition, are all fish-based) , but still give you something to enjoy. For a family meal, try our Fabulous Freezer Fish Pie, or Homemade Fishcakes.

Don Ceviche

For something a little exotic, why not try Martin Morales’ Don Ceviche, full of flavour but entirely guilt-free. 

Roast Cod with Winter Ratatouille

And this seasonal and colourful Roast Cod with Winter Ratatouille will have you wondering why you don’t do this all year round!


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