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In this brand new collection of delicious recipes, Davina’s Smart Carbs, Davina McCall cuts through the nonsense and solves the age-old problem: how to love carbs and still lose weight.

The simple truth is that our bodies need carbs, ones that are packed with nutrients, satisfy our hunger and help us stay in shape. Davina’s smart carbs do just that!

We’ve picked out a few of our very favourite recipes from this fab new bestseller!

As Davina says “Nothing like a good soup: filling and warming, nourishing and comforting.” Davina’s Smart Carbs has an entire chapter of delicious soup recipes. We’ve chosen this White Bean and Parsley Soup (main pic above) as the parsley oil is amazing.

Chickpea flour is a brilliant, gluten-free alternative to wheat flour, and a smart carb. In the South of France they make brilliant flatbreads known as socca from chickpea flour, cooked like pancakes in a frying pan. You can make these Chickpea Flatbreads thin like wraps or thicker, smaller version for scooping up dips.

Chickpea Flatbreads Davina's Smart Carbs

This Veggie Shakshuka is a vegetarian baked eggs recipe that makes a great brunch or light lunch dish. It goes very well with the Chickpea Flatbreads (above).

Veggie Shakshuka Davina's Smart Carbs

You can also use the Chickpea Flatbreads in this recipe for Davina’s Special Lasagne, which replaces the pasta with either the flatbreads or tortilla wraps. Genius!

Davina's Special Lasagne Davina's Smart Carbs

These Chocolate Panna Cottas are made with dark, dark chocolate and only a little sweetness and taste amazing.

Chocolate Panna Cotta Davina's Smart Carbs


For more tips, videos and extra recipes go to Davina’s Smart Carbs page.

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