Cranks Bible Recipes


Originally published 15 years ago, The Cranks Bible blazed a trail for creative, delicious vegetarian recipes. This reissued edition shows how well these recipes have stood up; and how the message of celebrating fresh, seasonal produce may appear “right on trend” but is in fact timeless. We’ve chosen a few of our favourite recipes to share here.

Bunch of fresh kale over a wooden background

Nowadays, Kale is a foodie favourite, but The Cranks Bible was there first. This Kale Gratin recipe makes a fantastic side dish, or a delicious meal on its own.

You don’t get a faster recipe than this Rocket Pesto Linguine and Wild Rocket recipe. The sauce take seconds to blitz in a food processor so the whole dish takes as long to prepare as it takes your pasta to cook.

For the new edition, Cranks invited their fans to submit recipes to be included. The winner was this Cashew Nut Butter Brownie recipe from Nicette Ammar. They look indulgent, but by using wholemeal flour and healthy cashews, these brownies are a better-than-average-for-you treat.

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