• Egg

    Blanche Vaughan

    Including all the basics for cooking the perfect poached, scrambled and fried egg, this cookbook will be a staple in every cook’s kitchen.

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  • Magic Soup: Food for Health and Happiness

    Nicole Pisani and Kate Adams

    There is something about soup that has both the ability to revitalise and to soothe. They are packed with nutrition and offer variety, deliciousness and comfort as well as being a fantastic aid for weight-loss. Soup’s versatility and health benefits are captured in MAGIC SOUP.

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  • Beat the Bloat

    Claire Young

    Drawing on the latest scientific research, expert health-food writer Claire Young has cracked the secret to losing weight and keeping it off: balancing the bacteria in your gut. For no matter how much you exercise or diet, if you don’t address this imbalance you will never reveal your leanest, healthiest and happiest you.

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  • Davina’s 5 Weeks to Sugar Free

    Davina McCall

    Davina McCall loves a challenge. And giving up sugar has been her toughest yet. In this beautiful cookbook, Davina shares her favourite super-healthy recipes that have helped her kick the sugar habit and cut out junk food for good.

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  • Mrs Beeton’s Cakes & Bakes

    Mrs Beeton

    The complete guide to baking by our most famous cook – fully updated for the 21st-century kitchen. As a nation, there is no denying that we have a sweet tooth…

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  • Spice: Layers of Flavour

    Dhruv Baker

    In this crafted recipe collection, Dhruv decodes the delicate complexities of spice and shares his spicing genius, unique understanding of spice and layering of flavours.

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