The BBoBC Review of the Year (part two)


A few more of the BBoBC team’s favourite foodie things (for our favourite restaurants and go-to ingredients go here).

Cookbook of the Year

Alex: Definitely Dhruv Baker’s Spice. Although not the easiest around, the recipes are well worth the extra effort. It is down to him that my spice cupboard has quadrupled in the last year.

Mark M: If not one of ours (I would have said Spice by Dhruv Baker), Salmagundi by Sally Butcher. A book that celebrates salads from around the world from a great writer who’s consistently good.

Alice: It’s been a stellar year for Orion and W&N (Spice and Nina St Tropez being personal faves) but I’ve also been cooking a huge number of recipes from Blanche Vaughan’s In One Pot. Her new book, coming early in 2015 is called Egg and is going to be stunning. Outside of our lists I’ve really liked Persiana.

Nina St Tropez Jacket

Julia: Spice – It’s beautifully designed, the recipes aren’t so difficult they are off-putting, I love Dhruv’s philosophy, and his food is amazing!

Tamsin: Impossible to choose between Orion’s incredible 2014 offerings but the other cookbooks I’ve loved this year are Hemsley & Hemsley’s The Art of Eating Well and Sabrina Ghayour’s Persiana.

Hannah: Spice by Dhruv Baker, or The Art of Eating Well by Hemsley + Hemsley (alright, I don’t have it yet but it’s on my Christmas list, and the online recipes are incredible!)

Spice Cover

Mark R: Personally, I think it’s been a disappointing year. Plenty More was not as good as Plenty and I don’t think I will use it much. Persiana I quite liked. Definitely some interesting new flavours. The book I’ve been using most though is Rick Stein’s Seafood – old but classic.  The only fish book you will ever need.


Cocktail of the Year

Tamsin: Difficult to say no to a Lord Hinchinbroke’s Fizz at Zetter Townhouse (main pic).

Alex: For sheer fun, London Cocktail Club’s The Black Pearl. A mix of plantation rums, monin syrups and tropical flavours all served in a pirate ship!

London Cocktail Club

Mark R: Not very good on these, but my personal favourite is a Spicy Virgin Mary. Lots of Tabasco and Worcester sauce served with very crunchy celery sticks. Almost a snack.

Hannah: Tough one. Probably Beyond the Sea at Nightjar (a gin lovers dream). Let’s be honest, I don’t remember a lot of names after the second cocktail.

Julia: I visited the upstairs bar at Rules for the first time this year, I can’t remember which cocktails I had but they were all delicious!

Mark M: You Can’t Handle Chartreuse – one of many fabulous cocktails at The Shrub and Shutter –  a new opening in Brixton but relatively off the beaten track so has missed out on the hype thus far!

Alice: Mexican Garden at Skylon. I also had am amazing whisky-based cocktail that they served in a barrel (a barrel!) but that seems to sadly now be off the menu.

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