A one pot roast


I love a good roast dinner, especially in the winter. There’s nothing better than a delicious roast joint, with crispy potatoes and fresh vegetables. Both my parents worked full-time when I was growing up and Sundays were usually the only day either of them had time to cook from scratch. So Sunday lunch followed by Mum’s own apple or rhubarb crumble was a treat. Even now the smells and tastes give me the comfort of  home cooked meals from my childhood, or returning home for a proper meal during my student years and early twenties.

These days it’s me who usually only has time to cook at the weekend, whether we have a few friends or family over or it’s just me and my boyfriend at home. Like me, he loves nothing more than tucking into a roast dinner, but absolutely hates the washing up and general kitchen chaos that inevitably follows. In fact, he’s been known to pay for us to eat our Sunday lunch out to avoid spending any part of the evening at the kitchen sink (we are sadly not blessed with a dishwasher in our rented flat). So when I came across a recipe for roast pork with potatoes cooked in milk from In One Pot I thought this could be the solution – a roast dinner with a lot less washing up! No greasy potato roasting tray, no gravy pan, and still a delicious dinner. Plus, I love to try anything slow-cooked. Author and chef Blanche Vaughan says “Slow-cooking pork or chicken in milk is a traditional Italian method that renders the meat wonderfully succulent. The richness of this dish is balanced perfectly by the citrus of the lemon and the distinctive fresh sage. It tastes delicious with the potatoes that have been soaking in the deeply flavoured milk” which completely sold it to me.

The recipe is gloriously simple and doesn’t require a long list of ingredients. I halved the quantities (except the milk) for two people rather than four and used dried thyme instead of fresh. I also substituted the lemon zest for lemon juice, which may explain why the milk sauce congealed a little more than it was meant to (I will stick to what I’m told in the future!) Despite my slightly lazy substitutes  the smell of the meat cooking was incredible, and the end result tasted delicious – the potatoes were fluffy and the milk infused with the sage, thyme, garlic and juices from the pork made for a wonderful sauce, totally different to our usual gravy. My last cheat was to go beyond the ‘one pot’ and cook some carrots and kale to accompany the meat and potatoes  – it just wouldn’t have been Sunday otherwise.

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